New Title for Staff Member

Lightning Moon is now officially my Website Consultant.

Go to!

Two new staff members!

Please welcome Echo Skye and Lightning Moon!
Echo Skye
Lightning Moon


On this 13th of August, 2009, Wenganator's Site has had over 200 visits in one day! Whoohoo! Good job, viewers! But don't stop spreading the word! Our next goal is to have 500 hits in one day. Can we accomplish this goal? I think so. Do you?

New Developments

Staff members now do have the power to change Wenganator's Site 2. (They do have the password to the second account.) So do not try anything, or else it will be deleted immediately after being sighted.


There has been a change. The guestbook has been moved to a tab on this site. There is now a new part of the site on another website: Visit it to go to the chat rooms, which will now be monitored by staff members (to prove that these staff members are real, I actually had to create another account and put the site on it so all faculty and me could access and change the page whenever).

New staff member!

Please welcome Baron to the faculty!

New Page!

There is now another new page to explore! Welcome to the Guestbook!

New Staff Member!

Now that we are getting more than 120 hits a day, I have decided to create a faculty to help mantain the site. The first new staff member is Shadow Linx, who will be represented by this picture. He does not have the power to edit the site, but will montitor the site and tell me if anything is wrong. He will probably be in the chat rooms most of the time. Please respect him. Congratulations, Shadow Linx, for getting this exclusive privilege! (If you wish to become a part of my faculty, email me at my Gmail account (if you don't know it, then don't ask for it!) and I will consider.)

(If you do get promoted to a staff member, your screenname will change to something you choose so that your identity will be completely hidden, and nobody will know who you are besides me and other staff members.)


Some people have not been posting a 'real' screenname, for example using symbols. Therefore, this person cannot be given credit in the Hall of Fame even though (s)he got it right second. So please, next time use a real screenname and not symbols, and if you think I might not know your screenname, put your email down or right who you are in the email space. Thanks.

Thank you to 151116 for posting my website on here website.

So here's a thank-you: Her website is . It's not bad, check it out!


This site will now be under supervision. Please do not spam this website. Some past comments have been 'annoying' and if any random comment that does not contribute to the site and the site's viewers, I will take it off. Enjoy.

Hello my fans!

Sorry to keep you waiting, but is up and running again! I've been very busy with schoolwork and with summerwork lately, so sorry for not updating the site for quite a while. Anyways, I hope you still like the site, and remember: tell your friends about your favorite site: Wenganator's Site; oh and enjoy the rest of your summer! Continue on ->->->


This is a BIG announcement, see it even overtook the Welcome announcement hehe chuckle chuckle, I like popcorn... OK...never mind, back to business. Anyways, I have been noticing that this AWESOME site has not been getting many views lately. So, as your faithful leader of your favorite site (*blink**blink*) I really need you guys to tell your friends about this site. Because the only people that actually view this site on a regularily basis are 151116, and Heartless Killer. So as a thank-you, I will put both of your names in the Hall of Fame. Anyways, 151116, could you please put my site on your website, and tell your viewers to come here? Thanks a lot. So, thanks everyone who looks at my site, I really appreciate it. Now go share this site with your friends! Go on! Go! :)


You have entered Wenganator's Site. Check out all the awesome things that you can do here. So what are you waiting for? Go on->->->

Hello once again.

I just made a new feature on the site. It is called "Random Trivia!!!". It is posted under "Random Blog Area" (yes, very random, very random indeed). The first person to answer the riddle/question/whatever correctly will be put in the Hall of Fame. Anyone who correctly answers the "thing", will be mentioned in the Hall of Fame. So young Albert Einsteins, get your thinking caps on and GO!!!!!

Hi for the third time.

I need more peeps in the Hall of Fame! So go do the trivia and contests already!!! (Sorry, that was a moment, for all you who know what that is.)

Back with some news!

Who's yo????

Random Trivia 1 is OVER!!!!!

Check out the results in the Hall of Fame.


By popular request, I've been suggested to put Crush by David Archuleta on this site. Don't know why, but I'll go with the audience. So go on, it's in the miscellaneous section.

Riddle Answers.

In the first one, the shooter only owns three of the horses, so he only has to shoot three of them.

In the second one, Jack and Joe are fish! The bowl they live in fell off the table, broke, and they, unfortunately, did not land in the spilled water.

In the third one, the robber chooses to die of old age. Easy!

The Rabbit Contest is OVER!!!!!

Heartless Killer has won the contest, with a very discriptive and not-so-likely-to-happen sentence. Oh well. It was the best one.